Effective observations of teaching, learning and assessment that support improvement and inspire tutors

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A practical workshop designed to help participants develop the skills and confidence to identify and produce evaluative judgment statements that accurately reflect how well learners have learned in a session and to provide supportive guidance, coaching and mentoring that inspires and motivates teachers to develop their practice


A practical workshop designed to develop, refine and hone observations and feedback skills that engage tutors and provide a sound basis for improvements and the identification and sharing of good practice. 

  • the purposes of evaluative observation judgements
  • the writing of an evalutaive judegment based on the impact on the learners 
  • the range of topics and themes included in an observation such as mathematics, English, employability skills, promotion of Prevent and safeguarding, equality and diversity and topics associated with fundamental British values
  • writing judgments and reports without grades

Contact Effective observations of teaching, learning and assessment that support improvement and inspire tutors

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Warwick Education & Training Consultancy Ltd

WETC has successfully worked with colleges, local authorities and independent training providers for over 15 years. Collaborative and partnership working with the organisation have been successful in raising the quality of the provision resulting in improved outcomes, better teaching and learning and successful inspection results.

WETC supports new providers to prepare for inspection - including the new two-day monitoring visit; focused review of sub-contracted provision and full inspection; and Provider Financial Assurance audits.

Careful and strategic planning for support interventions places emphasis on developing internal capacity through coaching and mentoring of key staff to maximise continuous improvement post consultancy support.

Consultants with WETC are all current practitioners and/or inspectors and all are able to provide advice on the new framework and its emphasis on safeguarding, British values, PREVENT duty and equality & diversity.

Key areas of support include:

· Improving the achievement and progression of learners

· Further developing the quality of training, assessment and support for learners

· Supporting staff in the embedding of equality and diversity, safeguarding, fundamental British values and prevent into the curriculum

· Implementing strong performance management arrangements

· Implementing highly effective due diligence and procedures for the management of sub-contractors

· Developing very effective management skills in analysing and using performance data to improve organisational performance

· Developing and implementing highly effective quality assurance and improvement strategies and actions to strengthen self-assessment and self-regulation

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