Question: We are looking to join the training notice board and are looking at the “special” offer package which gives us three months for  free.

Before we sign up could you please tell me a bit more about the package and let me know if there is a cancellation period or charge if we decide not to continue / or downgrade to the basic package after the three month period.

Answer: At the moment it is completely free to sign up to the special package. This is because Training Noticeboard has only recently been launched and we will not begin a paid for subscription until our traffic numbers are much higher. This may well take longer than the initial 3 months, in which case the rate will remain free.

Once the site is ready to move to a paid for service, everyone on the special rate will be notified and asked if they would like to begin a paid for subscription, or downgrade to the free listing.

All the company profiles created now under the special package will remain on Training Noticeboard free of charge, but you then not be able to add additional services or requirements unless you sign up for a paid for membership plan.

If you would like your details removed from the site altogether, this needs to be confirmed in writing.